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Birmingham, Alabama – As many as 50 of Birmingham’s electricity systems could soon be shut down due to the city’s severe winter storm.

A combination of low power and a power surge at the end of March caused a power outage to start at about 10 p.m. on February 24.

This could be the first power outages in Birmingham since the late 1950s.

A statement released by the city says it is aware of the potential power outage affecting its electric grid and has asked its customers to monitor local power outage status and call the city at 1-800-823-5100 to be notified.

Birmingham Electric was initially planning to shut down its three major electrical distribution systems during the winter storm, but it has since moved to shut them down in all three systems for emergency backup.

The city is also asking its residents to be prepared for any disruption to the system in the event of a power outfall.

Power outages are a huge concern for residents who rely on electricity for heating, cooling and other essential services, such as lighting, water and electricity, the city said.

The utility has not provided a timeline for when the system will be back online.

Some people will be able to get their water and other services from the city, but the utility says it will need to get some people to boil water to cool their homes and that will take time.

The City of Birmingham is working with local utilities to restore service, which will likely take several days, according to a city spokesperson.

“As we work through this outage, we will make sure to keep the community informed about our work to restore services,” the spokesperson said.

Birmingham residents are encouraged to contact their local utilities or the city for any questions.

The Birmingham City Council is scheduled to vote on a $500,000 emergency grant to help pay for the city to restore power to its electric system during the blackout.

The council is expected to vote again on the emergency grant later this week.

The decision comes after the city announced earlier this month that it was asking the federal government to provide more than $1.4 billion to help restore power in the city during the coming winter storm season.

The request is part of the city council’s budget request for the winter.

The funding will go toward a number of projects that include restoring power to businesses and homes, fixing broken or missing electrical equipment, and building new homes and other buildings, according a city spokesman.