Which country is best to own electric appliances?

India has one of the highest electricity tariffs in the world and consumers pay the highest prices on an annual basis.

It also has a huge number of electric vehicles, and a strong manufacturing sector.

But electric vehicles have been hit by an increase in air pollution, which is blamed on burning fossil fuels.

This is a big reason why India’s electric vehicle market has fallen by nearly 20% in the last two years.

A new study by the Centre for Science and Environment, a non-profit research institute, has found that Indian electric vehicle manufacturers have seen a significant decline in sales due to the air pollution.

This has made it harder for the manufacturers to raise new funds, and therefore their margins are also squeezed.

The researchers say this is the biggest driver of the recent drop in sales.

According to the report, a quarter of all Indian electric car owners, and the majority of auto makers, have not registered a sale of a vehicle in the past two years, and only 15% of the cars sold were actually new.

The study found that in the year ending March 2018, sales of EVs accounted for only 2.9% of all vehicles sold in India.

The biggest share of the total sales was for electric vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), which accounted for almost 70% of sales.

This gas is currently a key component of India’s power supply system.

India’s electricity tariff rose by more than 1% in March 2018 to 9.2% from 7.5% in February, when it first went into effect.

India’s government says that this increase is due to its decision to increase its electricity tariffs from 5.8% to 7.9%.

However, this may not be enough to offset the loss of sales of EV sales.

In the past, India has been the biggest exporter of EVs in the country, according to the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber also says that sales of electric cars have increased by nearly 40% over the last year, due to government incentives.

Electric car sales are also falling in China, where the country has a massive market.

The average price of a car sold in China in 2020 was $28,000, according the data from China Automobile Association.

However, in March 2017, that figure dropped to $26,500, according a report from the Chinese government-owned auto manufacturer.