What you need to know about the upcoming Apple TV 4G with 4K resolution

The Apple TV is finally here, and it’s looking really good.

And the big news?

4K is here, but it looks very, very good.

The 4K video streaming service is now available for iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other Apple devices, and in addition to streaming video on a variety of devices, it’s now also available for Apple TV, and Apple TV owners have a whole new set of apps to get started.

You can watch any of the major 4K content available now with the new Apple TV.

Here are the best 4K streaming apps:Apple TV owners can now stream 4K-capable video directly to their Apple TV from the official Apple TV app.

The app supports up to 4K 60p content, and supports Apple TV remote control.

Apple TV users will need to install an external video player or an app that supports Apple Remote Play, though, as the 4K streams are currently not compatible with all iOS apps.

Apple TV users can now watch 4K full screen 4K 4K TV content on the Apple TV and other apps.

There are 4K and 1080p streaming options for all Apple TV apps, but Apple TV’s full screen streams are only available on 4K TVs.

Apple TVs that don’t support Apple Remote Control can stream 4k video directly from the AppleTV app to the Apple iPhone or iPad.

The Apple TV will also work with the Apple Watch for a few of the same features, and 4K streamers will be able to stream 4,000 hours of 4K Netflix 4K HD content on Apple Watch.

You’ll need to download and install an app for that to work.

The Apple Watch will also support Apple’s built-in Siri Remote Control and Siri Remote.

Apple is also making the 4,560 x 2,160 Apple TV screen a “digital cinema,” which is a fancy way of saying the Apple is taking a full-screen 4K picture, converting it into a full screen image, and then turning that into an Apple TV TV screen.

The 4K image will still be in 1080p format, and there will be some black bars around the edges.

There are still a few issues with Apple’s 4K app, however.

While 4K apps are now able to show all of their content at 60p, Apple TV streams still look slightly blurry.

You can also no longer change the video quality setting in the Apple video app to improve the picture quality of your stream.

The only apps that are not optimized for the 4k stream are Apple’s music apps, and the Apple Music and Apple Music Unlimited app are still available.

You won’t be able watch Apple Music with the 4 k streams.

If you want to stream movies on the new 4k Apple TV through an external 4K player, you’ll have to use the Apple iOS app.

All you’ll be able do is watch the video from a single Apple TV device, and watch the app in full screen.

The app supports the latest 4K movies and TV shows, as well as a few older movies like the ones from the ’70s and ’80s.

But you’ll still have to go through the Apple app to watch them.

Apple’s new 4K Apple TV streaming app is currently available for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, iPad, and iPad Mini, and also for the Apple Pencil and Apple Pencader tablets.

If you’re looking to stream your 4k content through the new streaming apps, Apple is also launching its Apple TV App Store on Macs and Windows PCs.