What you need to know about the boom electrical appliance boom

BOMB electrical appliances, which include refrigerators, stoves and stovestop, have become a staple of home and business life.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates the boom in electric utility service has doubled the number of homes with them by 2025.

The boom is fueled by a variety of factors.

The rising costs of solar power and batteries are making the energy-hungry appliances even more popular, according to the Energy Department.

But one major trend has not changed: consumers are using them.

The energy boom also is fueling an increase in the demand for electric appliances.

The Energy Department estimates that demand for those appliances in 2025 is expected to surpass that for gas appliances.

And while some of that demand may not be coming from customers with electric appliances, others may.

As of last year, the average household electric bill in the United States was $3,000, according the Energy Information Administration.

That number rose from $2,700 in 2016.

That’s an increase of $400 from the previous year, but it still is less than half of the $6,500 average household bill that the agency projected in 2018.