The Latest on the Electric Power Crisis in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin electric power crisis is affecting businesses, consumers, and even the people who work in them, but there are some good news for businesses.

Axios’ Chris Cillizza and The New York Times’ Matt Apuzzo report on how the crisis is impacting businesses, workers and customers.

Axios: The latest on the Wisconsin power crisisThe utility, in the midst of a power outage, has announced plans to shut down power to about 200,000 customers on Tuesday.

Axiom said it plans to reduce demand by about 3 million customers, but will only be able to shut off power to residents and businesses who have already purchased a replacement power supply.

Axia said customers with a replacement supply will be able switch back on in the coming days.

“Wisconsin utility companies have worked tirelessly to deliver on their obligations under the federal Clean Power Plan,” Axiom CEO Peter Kocher said in a statement.

“While the state of Wisconsin continues to work through these challenges, we are proud of the progress that we have made over the past year and are focused on delivering on the commitments that we made in our 2017-18 capital plan.”

The state of Washington has also declared a state of emergency.