How to buy electricity from Dubai Electric Appliances

The Dubai Electricity Company (DEC) has revealed that it will be providing power to the country’s electric vehicles in 2018.

Dubai Electricity Company’s Dubai branch announced on Monday that it would be providing electricity to electric vehicles for the first time, starting with a pilot program in 2018 and expanding to more than 150 cities in the coming months.

The company said that it had purchased and installed a total of 2,500 batteries to supply electricity to vehicles, including the batteries for electric vehicles.

This will be the first energy-saving initiative for the company, which has been running a pilot project for the last four years in the capital.

According to the company’s director of sales and marketing, Khalid Al-Rasheed, Dubai Electric’s electric vehicle fleet has been growing by about one-third per year for the past three years.

The electricity purchase programme will also help the company reach its target of doubling electricity demand in 2020, by which time it expects to have 1.5 million electric vehicles on the road.

Dubay, which is home to about 50,000 electric vehicles, is a key market for electric vehicle sales.

Electric vehicles account for approximately 25 per cent of all new vehicle sales in the country.