Bollywood actor Shubh Kumar joins BJP to form one of the largest party-listing groups in the country

Bollywood actress Shubhs Kumar has joined the BJP.

The film star, who is also the director of the upcoming film, is one of five BJP leaders to join the party’s list of eligible voters.

The others are Amit Shah, Jignesh Gajjar and Jignesh Gajhjar.BJP MP Rajesh Yadav said, “I am proud of Shubhr’s decision to join BJP and am thrilled with his candidature.

He has done a lot of work in the industry and I am sure that his film will further boost the brand and his image.

The BJP is a party of development, a party for the poor and a party that is for people of all castes.”

Shubhr said he is ready to give his support to BJP’s president Amit Shah as the party is “the only party which has stood up for women’s rights, justice and the rights of minorities.”

The actor is set to make his debut in the upcoming Bollywood film “Shahji”.

The film, directed by Deepika Padukone, is expected to be released in the next few weeks.