A ‘giant’ new bank is about to open in Melbourne

Posted October 17, 2018 09:14:11The biggest bank in Australia is opening its doors to the public this weekend and opening up a new bank for its new customers.

The $50 billion Australian Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) is due to open on Friday, October 19.

Its opening day is set to be held on Saturday, October 20.

Its website has been updated to reflect this.

“This is the first of many big changes in the next few months,” AFSC managing director Paul Taylor said.

“We’re seeing the return of investment and a return to profitability and, importantly, we’re getting a much wider range of customers, from a broader range of households, with a wider range in the markets they’re targeting.”

“I would say it’s an amazing launch.

It’s a massive step forward in terms of the level of investment, the type of service they provide, the quality of service,” he said.

It’s the first time that the AFSCorp has opened its doors for its customers since the closure of the previous branch in March.

Paul Taylor says the AFC has seen a ‘massive return to investment’ as it tries to attract more customers to its bank branch.

“It’s a great opportunity to get new people in and new families into the bank,” he told 7.30.

He said it was a “huge opportunity for all of us in the banking industry to look at how we can best provide our services and our services can help people better access the things they need.”

The bank’s customers will include the wealthy, the working poor and the disabled.

Paul said the new branch will be open for six weeks.

“A very small group of people, and that’s the majority, will be able to access it over the next six weeks,” he added.

“In the next year or so, we’ll open up the rest of the bank for people who want to be in touch with the AFA to speak to us, or to speak with a partner to speak about their needs.”

The AFA is now open for more than 30,000 customers.

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